Villa GK Book

Villa GK Book

This monograph talks specifically about one house that I photographed in Algarve for CORE Architects.

While shooting, I realized that it’s going to be one of the most complete reportages I’ve done until today. Architects meticulous approach to design and thoughtful choice of materials inspired me to create a book about this project.

The idea came to mind right on the day of shooting. The architect Anabela Macieira dedicated her entire day to be at the house with me, explaining her way of thinking and the reasons behind every decision made in designing this building. I brought up this thought to Anabela at the end of the day, and instantly had a green light to proceed with the book.

4 month in, countless hours of designing, aligning, photos, back-and-forth with the architect… and here it is! My first experience designing a book of this kind. It was printed only in 5 copies, one I kept for my studio (will be happy to show you in person), another Anabela offered to the owner of the house, and the rest will be on display in architects office. Hope you like it!

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