SILENT LIVING. Santa Clara 1728.

SILENT LIVING. Santa Clara 1728.

I just came back from Lisbon from another assignment, which allowed me to spend a good couple of days in this fabulous city. On a free Sunday I remembered of a hotel in Lisbon I wanted to visit for a long time. I found the website of Santa Clara 1728 and gave them a call asking if there is a chance of a quick visit. The lady on the phone has kindly agreed and next minute I was on my way. Yes, I have a thing for spontaneous adventures.

Now – I am personally an admirer of the style of Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, which probably makes me the worst person to write anything objective about this place. Nevertheless, here it goes!

So here I am, standing on the typical Lisbon street flooded with sunlight, ringing the bell of the newly renovated 18th century building. João, the owner, opens the door inviting me in. I explain the reason of my intrusion, my unstoppable curiosity being the main one. Turns out it’s already the 4th luxury holiday home that owners João and Andrea Rodrigues have developed in close collaboration with the architect.

Silent Living is the main idea and concept behind all 4 projects. And indeed, there is no better word to describe the ambience in this place. Everything here contributes to the house being a peaceful shelter for design lovers. The minute you walk into Santa Clara 1728, you find yourself just absorbing time and listening to silence. There is no noise. No noise in colors, no noise in design, no noise of Lisbon.

The architect does a great job in keeping balance between old and new. He carefully preserves historic columns, arches and staircase while adding his signature touch of minimalism. Portuguese limestone used in various forms throughout the interior gives the house a feeling of rustic chic.

What I also love about this project is that the creators were extremely consistent in communicating the idea of Silent Living. Their houses are a perfect example of what happens when architecture, branding and communication work flawlessly together. Every detail contributes to the bigger picture. Starting from Instagram page and ending with the actual stay you are getting a simple and clear message. You know what to expect when you book a night in Santa Clara 1728. Nevertheless, the quality and attention to details will not fail to awe.

Pictures will tell you the rest. Enjoy.

And once again, obrigado João for showing me around!

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