Alexander Bogorodskiy

Born and raised in Russia, I am an architectural photographer currently based in the magnificent city of Porto, Portugal. I have to say, the way I got to discovering my passion was everything but conventional.

My first job in Portugal was in a boutique Real Estate agency in a very chic area of Algarve. When I started I had zero experience in selling properties, but I managed to bring value to the company with my knowledge in photography. So in addition to the work of sales person I ended up photographing hundreds of high-end listings for my agency. It did not take too long for me to realize that I was getting more and more captivated by the process of shooting beautifully designed homes and shortly after I quit the company to pursue a career of a photographer.

In my work I put emphasis on creating highly accurate architectural images, without manipulating natural light or shadows, while also leaving myself a room for creativity. I believe that the purpose of this craft is not only to document the architect’s creation, but also to show the scale, the meaning and aesthetics of the project.

At the moment I find myself photographing extensively across Portugal, mainly between Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, but also making myself available for assignments abroad.


00351 914 617 360