Passion is what drives us. Perfection is our goal. Photography is what we do.

Our Motto

Alexander Bogorodskiy

A Russian that had enough of the cold and fell in love with Portugal and decided to stay and photograph its breathtaking scenery. He started with Real Estate Photography, as he was previously in the Real Estate business. He continues to shoot amazing Villas and Apartments all over Portugal.

He then moved to Architectural Photography as he started shooting projects for architects and designers. Alex is the face of Photoshoot, mainly because he’s the handsome one. He loves Crossfit and to eat plants.

Guilherme Costa

Portuguese, but a citizen of the world. He’s the creative head of Photoshoot. He likes the unexpected and chocolate. Gui is a Marketer and Filmmaker. His clients are from the best hotels in Europe to the coolest bar in town.

He vlogs because he likes to shoot every day. He wishes he was able to eat more chocolate.

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